Anti-HIV Medication Increases Life Expectancy

Ant-HIV DrugsAccording to GlobalPost, life expectancy in the hardest hit HIV region of S. Africa has sky rocketed after Anti-HIV meds were introduced into the public.

In 2003, the the study began, life expectancy of adults with HIV in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa was a mere 49.2 years. In 2011, 8 years after the anti-HIV medications were introduced into the public health system, the life expectancy had surged to 60.5 years. This was an 11.3 year gain.

“This is one of the most rapid life-expectancy gains in the history of public health,” said Till Baernighausen of the Harvard School of Public Health and Population, who took part in the probe.

The study, published in the US journal Science, looked at the incidence of births and deaths among 101,000 people living in a 434-square-kilometre (167-square-mile) area of rural KwaZulu-Natal.

The area is one of the poorest districts of South Africa, which has the highest tally of HIV-infected people in the world.

In this community, said the study, 29 percent of adults have HIV. Among 30  to 49 year-olds, about half of the women and a third of the men have the AIDS virus.

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