7 thoughts on “Amazon’s NEW Kindle Paperwhite Commercial Includes Married Gay Couple – Video

  1. I thought it was horrible. It started off as a good commerical but, when the man turned around to his “husband” i was out-done!!! I am sooooooooo sick of society trying to make “gay” the right thing to do.

    1. I think this is wonderful. This shows two normal couples and there is NOTHING wrong with that. It’s sad some people are too religious to take their heads out of their asses.

  2. I LOVE this commercial! He’s friendly and envying her Kindle; she’s friendly and assumes he’s trying to hit on her, then is suprised, as are we, when he’s waiting for HIS husband as well. This is a great portrayal of gays as normal, everyday people which they are…..

  3. I’m sick of some that think its ok to be gay and its normal. Because its not ok and it’s NOT normal

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