WOOF! More Of The Majestic Ginger Seth Fornea


For my 200th Post at Back2Stonewall, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do to commemorate the moment. Then I thought of course I do! Look at some incredibly hot men. Sure there’s a multitude of issues in politics and opinion but it’s also Monday so I don’t think any of you would mind right? And there is no better way to get over the Monday slump than looking at the hottest, sexiest ginger model out there: Seth Fornea.

This man does things to me every time I see a pick oh him. Or any man that looks to admire this immaculate gingered being. He pulls off this hotness with…



OR without any facial hair and I still can’t decide which one I want to employ in my fantasies. Does it really matter? If I had perfection in front me that looks anything like this..well I would be..nevermind. Here’s more



And in this one he seems like he’s ready for something and how I would love to give it to him (probably some ice tea? Something more?)


See? Still hot regardless of hair (or positioning in pgotos). Can we clone people yet? Sigh.



I mean even his candids are ridiculously hot


So hot. This one is still my favorite




2 thoughts on “WOOF! More Of The Majestic Ginger Seth Fornea

  1. “Seth is a very handsome and stunning man!” I wouldn’t have minded having him underneath my Christmas tree or one a handful of men I kissed on New Year’s Eve.

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