Tea Party Bigot To Fight CA School Board Over Gay History Law, Calls Schools “”Re-education Camps”


Fuck You!


Dr. Stan Wasbin is a father of four, family physician, and GOP/Tea Party member who has too much time on his hands and too much hate in his heart.  He writes countless letters to the editor at the  Orange County Register about “Obamacare,”and other right-wing extremist issues and is now mounting a new crusade against California textbooks recognizing the contributions of folks from the LGBT community.

Wasbin will appear before the Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees Monday to argue the enactment of Senate Bill 48, which requires “instruction in social sciences to also  include a study of the role and contributions of lesbian,  gay, bisexual and transgender Americans . . . to the development of  California and the United States.” calling it “intrusive” and “unnecessary” and states it “ought to be ignored.

In a three-page letter that Wasbin wrote to the board complaining that local schools are turning into “re-education camps” by teaching a gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender agenda. he also states:

“In our public schools, we want our children to learn math, music, science, English, art, American history and a foreign language or two. That’s a lot; and that’s enough.  Let’s not further burden our teachers by forcing them to teach LGBT  material, a subject that so readily lends itself to propaganda and which can engender sexual confusion.  If someone has made an important contribution–and that person  happens to be classified as LGBT–then by all means, let’s teach our  children about that person–but not BECAUSE OF that person’s sexual  identity group.”

Today, the state political winds blow from the left; but tomorrow, they could blow from the right, and then our children may be forced to learn about the role and contributions of other groups, such as gun owners, death-penalty proponents and anti-abortion advocates. Do we really want to politicize public education like this?”

Mr. Wasbin and these insane homophobic bigots need to learn that a  person’s accomplishments are frequently intertwined with their identity.  To acknowledge that a person in history was gay and how it affected their life is not to teach an “agenda” or convert anyone into gayness.  It is to teach factual history and to acknowledge what propelled them.

Like in the future history will show and be recorded that Dr. Stan Wasbin made no significant contributions other than making  a fool out of himself publicly because he was a Tea Party loon and was a anti-gay bigot.


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  1. I am not now and never have been a member of the Tea Party. I never even have attended a Tea Party meeting. And, despite your inaccurate name-calling, in my professional life, I wager that I’ve done far more to help HIV/AIDS patients via intimate hands-on care than have you. You might want to reconsider your contention about “… a person’s accomplishments…. identity.” This has been standard thinking of bigots for millennia. Stan Wasbin

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