OMFG! – The Les Misérables Street Fighter [Arm Joe] Game

Les Miserables Street Fighter Game

Just when you think games can’t get any stranger, you fiddle around the Internet and find stuff like this.

Les Misérables is known in Japan as あぁ 無情 or Ah Mujou, which is where the play on words “Arm Joe” comes from.

Arm Joe is another game made by Takase using ASCII’s Tsukuru series “Fighter Maker” engine that is based off of the French “Les Misérables” musical by Claude-Michel Schönberg, which in turn is based off of Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name that originated during the 1860s. Being a very successful musical Internationally, it was also popular in Japan, and we all know fighting games are also popular in Japan, so it was only a matter of time before the two came together. It features generally all the important characters including older Éponine and Cosette, a smackdown matchup for the ages  but also gives the characters that Japanese touch and super powers.


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