With The National Organization for Marriage FAILING in America, Brian Brown Goes to France

Brian BrownWith the National Organization for Marriage hate group’s MASSIVE FAIL as of late thwarting same -sex marriage, NOM President Brian Brownshirt has traveled to France to spew hateful lies and propaganda as that country sits on the cusp of legalizing same-sex marriage.

Said Brownshirt:

“A massive rebellion against gay marriage is brewing in France. I’m here now, and I’ll report to you first hand from the rally planned for Sunday. To read the news accounts in the U.S., you would think gay marriage is inevitable here. Like everywhere. That’s what they always say, right? Recognize that argument for what it is: a tactic to make you feel helpless and impotent and therefore submissive. To get you to give up and just submit to whatever they have planned. There are only two things we know for sure about the future: it hasn’t happened yet. And for those of us who are people of faith—we know that God is in charge. But to be here is to recognize something extraordinary is happening, something totally unpredicted when French President Francois Hollande set out to pass gay marriage: a massive popular rebellion.”Brian Brown

And only 3 days ago Brian Brown was whining about “out-of-state” agitators sticking their noses into the issue of same -sex marriage in Illinois and here he is in Paris.  Alone and crying. While jerking off to hotel porn as he stuffs his face with French pastry while spittle and crumbs fall from his chins issuing press releases full of lies.

I see Paris, I see France, I see Brian’s…

Well that’s absolutely disgusting.

What do you think?

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