Is Illinois REALLY Next For Same Sex Marriage?

According to ABC News, Illinois Senate Dems are delaying a vote that will add Illinois as the 10th state in the Union that will legalize same-sex marriage.

A spokeswoman for Senate President John Cullerton tells The Associated Press the proposal to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples will get a committee hearing Thursday but there aren’t currently enough votes to pass it on the floor. The legislature was in a lame-duck session until today when the new Congress took office.

Although no state Republicans support the bill to extend marriage laws to same-sex couples, the Democrats have 35 seats in the Senate which is 5 more than whats needed to pass the bill.

Spokeswoman Rikeesha Phelon (rih-KEE’-shuh ful-AHN’) says she doesn’t know how many votes there are for the plan or when it might be called.

If this bill passes and Illinois passes marriage equality, this is another stepping stone in LGBT rights. This is also a huge advancement for the Mid-West. As someone who lives in Michigan, my hopes are raised knowing Illinois may soon be passing marriage equality.

What do you think?

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