Gomer Pyle Gets Hitched To Longtime Lover!


Here’s some entertainment news to help brighten your day! If you were a fan of The Andy Griffith Show then you know the gentle and sometimes absentminded antics of the charismatic and endearing character Gomer Pyle. The actor of the iconic role, Jim Nabors recently tied the knot with his partner of almost four decades! Here’s more from HuffPost:

HONOLULU — Jim Nabors, the actor best known for playing Gomer Pyle on TV in the 1960s, has married his longtime male partner.

Hawaii News Now reports Nabors, 82, and Stan Cadwallader, 64, traveled from their Honolulu home to Seattle to be married Jan. 15. Gay marriage became legal in Washington state last month.

The couple met in 1975 when Cadwallader was a Honolulu firefighter.

“I’m 82 and he’s in his 60s and so we’ve been together for 38 years and I’m not ashamed of people knowing, it’s just that it was such a personal thing, I didn’t tell anybody,” Nabors said. “I’m very happy that I’ve had a partner of 38 years and I feel very blessed. And, what can I tell you, I’m just very happy.”

We wish the happy couple many more years of love and laughter!

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