Gay Scout Member Comes Out Then Leaves The Bigoted Organization

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For over ten years, Derek Nance had been a part of The Boy Scoots Of America, hiding his sexuality only from the organization.  But after a moment of reflection, Nance decided that only being out to family members and friends was enough and decided to video a confession in which he truly owns that side of himself. Knowing the policy of the BSA and that this would end his job, he continued forward with speaking his truth. Nance also had this to say:

“The only way we will change the Boy Scouts’ discriminatory policies is if those of us who are on the front lines representing them to thousands of scouts every single summer start engaging in some open dialogue on this issue. Lawsuits by the ACLU or confidential reviews by the Boy Scouts are not going to change policies. The first step to coming to an agreement on this issue is to drop the old pretenses and stereotypes and to start actually talking.”

There has been no official word from the BSA about Nance’s statement that is garnering nationwide attention but they are most likely still stuck in narrow minded, bigoted, archaic way of thinking. We wish Nance the best of luck on all his future endeavors and we wish that BSA gets policies that resemble reason in the 21st century.

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