FRC’s Tony Perkins: “Liberals are no longer satisfied by the church’s silence on homosexuality.”

Tony Perkins, the Family Research Council’s president and verified hate group leader is still ever so pissed that anti-gay “Pastor” Louis Giglio has either been removed or has dropped out of President Obama’s second term that he  is stamping his little cloven hooves and spouting so much bullshit that someone should give him a roll of Charmin to wipe his lying mouth.

“As we learned yesterday, liberals are no longer satisfied by the church’s silence on homosexuality. They will accept nothing less than the active embrace and celebration of what the Bible calls sin–or use totalitarian tactics to get it. What was once outrage over Christian activism has been replaced by outrage over Christian association. The White House has declared that anyone who holds to the belief–spoken or unspoken–that sexual immorality is wrong has no place at democracy’s table.

“This should be a wake-up call to every evangelical who thinks they can pacify the Left by making the symptoms of immorality their sole focus and being silent on the cause: sin. As those who seek to emulate Christ, our approach must be holistic. We should help the hurting regardless of the cause, but we must also have the courage to go beyond the symptoms to the source. Engaging the world through social justice or conservationism may help us find common ground–but it will not mollify faith’s detractors. Nothing less than one hundred percent capitulation will.” – Family Research Council hate group leader and known white supremacist Tony Perkins.

“The church’s silence on homosexuality”?  REALLY? 

Like as in silence as in the  marching band kinda silence? A jet taking off kinda silence? Or the persecution, torture, and murder of lesbian and gays over the past thousand years sort of silence?

One has to wonder if Perkins is so insane and evil that he believes what he writes in his own press releases. If so he needs to be committed, locked up and the key thrown away.

What do you think?

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