Fortune 500 Businesses, Including Mormon-Owned Marriott, Call for DOMA Repeal

The Human Rights Campaign announced today the formation of the Business Coalition for DOMA Repeal, a group of major brand-name companies — including several on the Fortune 500 list — that have decided to take a public stance in support of ending federal marriage discrimination against gay and lesbian couples.

The list notably includes Marriott, the Mormon-owned hotel chain that places a copy of the Book of Mormon in every one of their tens of thousands of hotel rooms. As John Aravosis says, it looks as though Marriott has decided that “it doesn’t make smart business sense to go along with [Mormonism’s] aggressively virulent bigotry.”

Joining Marriott in the Business Coalition for DOMA Repeal are A|X Armani Exchange, Aetna Inc., Biogen Idec, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Diageo North America, eBay Inc., Electronic Arts, Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group LLC, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, Replacements, Ltd., Sun Life Financial U.S., and Thomson Reuters.

In its press release, HRC writes:

Aside from being fundamentally unfair to married same-sex couples, DOMA also causes administrative headaches and tax inequities for companies as they simply try to treat their employees fairly. The coalition continues to grow as more companies take a stand and affirm that DOMA is bad for business.

HRC President Chad Griffin adds:

These corporate pioneers understand one marriage deserves no less respect and dignity than any other marriage.They understand that repealing the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act is the right thing for our nation, and the smart thing for American business.  We call on both large and small businesses to add their voices to the growing chorus calling for an end to this odious law.

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John Becker

John Becker is an LGBT activist, writer, and blogger who has played a critical part in a number of high-profile victories, including a successful international media campaign that resulted in Apple dropping a “gay cure” iPhone app, and a sting operation in which Becker went undercover with hidden cameras at the clinic co-owned by Marcus and Michele Bachmann and exposed them for offering fraudulent “ex-gay” therapy. Becker has appeared as a guest on major news and political shows including ABC's World News Tonight, Nightline, and Good Morning America; NBC's Today Show; Fox's Alan Colmes Show; MSNBC's Ed Schultz Show and Live with Al Sharpton, and the Associated Press Television Network. He and his work have also been mentioned in notable newspapers including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Not that it matters but Replacements, Ltd. is a handy website that provides replacement pieces of broken or damaged dishes, glasses or eating utensils. And it is gay owned!

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