Fantasia Barrino Continues Her “Gay Judgement” Rant – Fantasia Just STFU Already!

Former  American Idol contestant and “never really has been”  Fantasia Barrino, whose remarks about gay marriage and The Bible went viral and made headlines last week, took to Instagram once again to express her anger and continue her ranting (see the image she posted, below).

Said Barrino: “My whole team is gay, my manager is gay, middle finger up to those who seak (sic) to destroy me. It won’t work…….. I don’t judge anybody!”

Fantasia shut the fuck up already.  You are your own worst enemy.

Gurl!  You need to realize that there IS such a thing as bad publicity and you are going overboard and creating your own.

All you need to do to is this controversy go away and get back in good graces is to get off the freaking Instagram and make a clear and coherent short statement that that you support equality for gay people and promise to sing at some HRC parties and galas and they’ll forgive you.

Me on the other hand…….

Fantasia Barrios goes on and on

What do you think?

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