Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins: Only Daddys Can Stop Gun Violence

Tony perkins

“Instead of focusing on the environment of violence, liberals are focusing on the instrument. As the Sandy Hook community can attest, limiting or banning assault weapons–as some states like Connecticut do–will not deter criminals intent on ignoring the law. Encouraging strong families with a vibrant faithcan. As I’ve said before, what America needs is not a cop in every school, but a dad in every home. Although mental illness can be a factor, most delinquents, FRC’s Dr. Pat Fagan explains, are children who have been abandoned by their fathers. The cause of violent crime isn’t gun policy–it’s family policy. And until Americans step back and examine the real problem, the President will continue exploiting these tragedies to accomplish his ultimate goal: expanding government at the expense of personal freedom.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.

So by Tony’s logic then two Dads would be better than one right?

Or is Tony just looking for a Daddy?  Wouldn’t surprise me.


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