Family Research Councils Files Proposition 8 Brief: Prop 8 Doesn’t Discriminate Against The Gays

The Family Research Council, in cahoots with the anti-gay Thomas More Society, have filed a Supreme Court brief against the overturn of Proposition 8. arguing that Proposition 8 is not intended to discriminate against gay people and is no way like Loving v Virgina

Anti-miscegenation statutes were intended to keep persons of different races separate. Marriage statutes, on the other hand, are intended to bring persons of the opposite sex together. Statutes that mandated segregation of the races with respect to marriage cannot be compared in any relevant sense to statutes that promote integration of the sexes

 Unlike the history of the antimiscegenation statutes struck down in Loving, which stigmatized blacks as inferior to whites, “there is no evidence that laws reserving marriage toopposite-sex couples were enacted with an intent to discriminate against either men or women.  Accordingly, such laws cannot be equated in a facile manner with anti-miscegenation laws.

Here’s all  48 pages of the hate brief from the FRC.  It hits everything rotten talking point the FRC has ever uttered.

What do you think?

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