Democratic National Committee Elects First Transgendered Woman


Over the past year, we have seen more LGBT officials elected into positions of authority and leadership than ever before. And it is always great to hear stories about the transgendered men and women making a difference and further paving the way for future generations. Enter the story of Laura Calvo of Oregon being the first transgendered woman to be elected to the DNC. Here’s more from The Advocate:

Laura Calvo, a transgender activist from Portland, Ore.has become the first transgender woman elected to the Democratic National Committee, according to theStatesman Journal.

Laura Calvo, the twice-elected treasurer of the Democratic Party of Oregon, has worked closely with Basic Rights Oregon in helping to pass Oregon’s Equality Act and Family Fairness Act. She’s held a number of positions on local, state, and national levels. She was a regional director on the board of National Stonewall Democrats, served as treasurer of the party’s LGBT caucus, served on the Hillary Clinton National LGBT Steering Committee and then went directly to work as a member of the Obama National Policy and Finance Committee once Obama won the nomination.

Although we saw the DNC as a group accept and welcome LGBT leaders and activists, having more officials that run committees like this can help campaign for potential leaders, advocates, and activists that are set on making full equality a reality.

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