“Crimes Against Humanity” Charged Scott Lively: Gays Caused The Great Flood

Scott Lively in Uganda

Well it seems that Scott Lively is a “multi-tasking hater” and can’t even rest from spreading his anti-gay hate rhetoric while standing trail for “Crimes Against Humanity” charges in Springfield, MA.

Speaking yesterday on national Christian radio show yesterday Scott Lively blamed the Great Flood of Noah on gay marriage!

We need to remember that in the time leading up to the Flood what the rabbis teach about the last straw for God before He brought the Flood was when they started writing wedding songs to homosexual marriage and Jesus said that you’ll know the End Times because it will be like the days of Noah. There’s never been a time in the history of the world since before the Flood when homosexual marriage has been open and celebrated, and that’s another sign that I believe that we’re close to the end.”

Yes Scott Lively YOUR end is definitely near.


1 thought on ““Crimes Against Humanity” Charged Scott Lively: Gays Caused The Great Flood

  1. A petiton to get the SPLC to file a defamation suit against scott lively. scott claims the “Gay Agenda” is to make pedophilia legal worldwide, when actually it is the “Nambla Agenda”. scott has studied the Gay Community for over 20 years, and is the self proclaimed world renowned authority on everything Gay. He above all people should know the difference. Please sign my petition; http://www.thepetitionsite.com/436/069/569/sue-scott-lively-for-his-defamation-against-gays/.

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