Civil Union Bill To Be Heard By Colorado Senate Committee, Catholic Church Bitches



This coming Wednesday the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee will begin hearings on a proposed “seperate and not equal” civil unions bill.

Senate Bill 11 would “authorize any 2 unmarried adults, regardless of gender, to enter into a civil union.”

“Last year, the Colorado House failed to vote on a civil union bill before the end of a special session of the legislature. This legislative session, democrats control the majority in the House and Senate. House Speaker Mark Ferrandino (D – Denver) says he would like to have a civil unions bill on Governor Hickenlooper’s desk by Valentine’s Day but has acknowledge it may take more time to get the bill through both chambers.

And even though this bill would not give Colorado gay and Lesbian couples the full equal benefits and rights that opposite sex married couples enjoy in the state,  Catholic Charities,  one of the largest charities in the United States that also provides adoption services and “aims “to provide service to people in need, to advocate for justice in social structures” is already screaming about changes to this year’s version of the bill and that they might have to get gay couples adopt.

“If the legislation passes this year, civil unions for two people of any sex would be legally equivalent to marriage under state law. The 2012 Colorado Senate bill proposing to create the unions had stated that the bill “shall not be interpreted to require a child placement agency to place a child for adoption” with a couple in a civil union. That language, however, is absent from the 2013 bill, S.B. 11.

We feel it would be a very sad commentary if Colorado forced religious institutions or those who believe in a different framework to do something against their conscience,” he told CNA Jan. 16. If Colorado law forces the Colorado Springs-based agency to violate Catholic teaching, he said, “we  probably would cease the operation of our adoption programs.”

It’s so heartwarming how Catholic charities threaten to throw parentless children to the wolves while  hiding their bigotry and  behind the cloth of their “beliefs” and taking state money.

That’s exactly what Jesus would do.

This is just another in a long line of examples that for the Catholic church its NOT about “redefining marriage” but plain and simple hate of gays and lesbians.



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