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BUSTEDWhile France is edging ever closer to same-sex marriage and the vatican and Catholic church are pushing homophobes to fight back the French website “Laissez-Nous Voter” (Let Us Vote) popped up of Friday demanding that French citizens get to vote on a gay couple’s civil marriage right and and  be treated as a public referendum:

The intrepid Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You has discovered that the website  “Laissez-Nous Voter” was not created by the French opposition to gay marriage but was created by none other     than Texan Colton Brugger, the OPUSFidelis tech guy who does all of the National Organization For Marriage’s web work.

Yesterday we reported that NOM’s President Brian Brownshirt has traveled to Paris, France to spew hateful lies and propaganda as organizers, mostly Catholics who believe in “traditional marriage” had planned three huge protests this weekend.

Colton Brugger, Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage starring in Les Doucherables!


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  1. Gord says:

    Sounds like Brown and Lively have teamed up to spread their hateful message over two continents at the same time. How long till Brown wants a “kill the gays” bill in France?

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