Boy Oh Bolshevik! – American Family Association Cheers Russia’s Plans To Criminalize Homosexuality

Christian Facism

The American Family Association anti-gay hate group showing a prime example of “Christian facism”  by cheering about Russia’s plan to criminalize “homosexual propaganda” and public displays of affection between people of the same gender. Stating that Russia is learning from America’s mistakes!

“As an evangelist who works in Russia, Tim Todd tells OneNewsNow that is quite a contrast to America, which has the most pro-homosexual president in the country’s history. Todd, who heads Revival Fires International and has worked in Russia, understands that country’s stand against the homosexual agenda. “America is opening the floodgate — and if you want to know what God thinks about the sin of homosexuality, you can look at his urban renewal development plan in Sodom and Gomorrah,” he points out. “It gives you a pretty good idea.” Todd says Russia has had an opportunity for years now to observe the homosexual agenda in America and Europe and learn firsthand what it has done to the culture. “[In America] there is open, blatant homosexuality on television and on the Internet where the homosexuals have come out of their hideouts in publicly proclaiming their sinful activity,” he observes. Todd adds that he believes Russia has known all along the detriment homosexuality has on society — and now they have proof in the United States.”

Note to the American Family Association:  Move to Russia.  And PLEASE don’t forget to take the Family Research Council, The Liberty Council, Linda Harvey, Porno Pete LaBarbera and all the rest of your motherfucking  bigoted douchebags with you.


3 thoughts on “Boy Oh Bolshevik! – American Family Association Cheers Russia’s Plans To Criminalize Homosexuality

  1. So now The American Family Association is a group of commie sympathizers. That is very un-American and very treasonous. Now Homeland Security has a reason to be involved. Bet they already are.

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