Barney Frank: HELLS TO THE YES! – I Want To Be John Kerrys Massachusetts Senate Replacement

Senator Barney Frank

Retiring Democratic House Rep.Barney Frank has had a change of heart and said this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he has asked Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint him interim Senator to replace John Kerry for the rest of Kerry’s term.

“A month ago, or a few weeks ago, I said I wasn’t interested,” Frank said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “It was kind of like you’re about to graduate, and they said: ‘You gotta go to summer school.’ But [the fiscal cliff deal] now means that February, March and April are going to be among the most important months in American financial history.” He added, “I’ve told the governor I would now like, frankly, to do that [serve as interim senator].” Frank said he wouldn’t run for Kerry’s seat in a special election, which would likely take place this summer”

Frank has handed Gov.Deval Patrick a rare opportunity to make a difference in Washington at a critical moment  Lets hope he takes him up on it.

Besides the shrieks and screams of outrage from the Tea-terrorist and GOP Wingnuttistan will be sweet music to any Democrat or Liberals ears.


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