Ashley Furniture Fires Lesbian Worker Because “God Told Them To”, Supports Anti-Gay Politicans and Orgs

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. is one of America’s largest furniture manufacturing company headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin.  Ashley Furniture manufactures and distributes home furniture products throughout the world and has over 400 stores in the United States and Canada.

Ashley Furniture is also very “Christian” and very very anti-gay.

Isabel Perez is suing the Ashley Furniture HomeStore of Secaucus, N.J.,  Ashley CEO Eugene Chrinian and Ashley’s director of people services and development Kathy Martin, in Federal Court because she she was fired for being a lesbian.

On October 5, 2012, Martin and and Isabella were walking in the parking lot and approached  Isabella’s car when Martin asked her about an HRC decal that she had on her car. Isabella explained to Martin that the decal was an ‘equality symbol.‘  Martin then asked Isabella if  it was for ‘the gays’ and then told her that she was not sure that she made the right decision about hiring her because she did not fit the ‘culture’ at the company. Martin then explained that she was going to ‘speak to God’ about it and wheather Isabella should continue her employment with Ashley Furniture.

The next day Isabella was called into a meeting with Martin and Alfred Nunez (sales manager) where Martin told Isabella that she had prayed about it and that God had spoken to her and told her that she needed to let Isabella go.  Martin told her: ‘You just don’t fit our culture. … I need someone in your position that can embody our mission statement. Your beliefs just don’t fit them”‘ although Martin stressed that Isabella was very competent at her job and stated that  ‘We all know you are very capable and can easily manage the entire department.'”

Ashley Furniture as it turns out is a “Christian” company and also publically supports the anti-gay organiztion FamilyLife  whose mission “is committed to helping people know and apply the biblical blueprints for maintaining a God-honoring marriage” while promoting discrimination against homosexuals. Family Life founder and CEO Dennis Rainey has written numerous books and articles warning about the ‘radical homosexual element in our culture.'”

Ashley Furniture has also donated heavily to anti-gay  Republican politcial candidates including four-term former Gov. Tommy Thompson (R-WI) who believs that its acceptable to fire people becuase they are gay and also failed Presidential candidtae Mitt Romney.

Isabella Perez seeks punitive damages for retaliation and discrimination, declaratory judgment that Ashley’s policy is illegal, and an injunction to stop it.

Via:  Courthouse News

6 thoughts on “Ashley Furniture Fires Lesbian Worker Because “God Told Them To”, Supports Anti-Gay Politicans and Orgs

  1. This is actually very good. It will ruin Ashley Furniture. Whole Foods is still reeling from their head bigots comments about Obamacare. This is much worse. Let us all pray that this ruins Ashley Furniture or at least their management structure.

  2. Sounds more and more like Nazi Germany here in America. Fit a specific mold or go stand in the ovens! What is wrong with everyone. Stop the hate and let love, let live!

    1. Ashley Furniture is awful, there is no doubt. And they are a prime example of why ENDA needs to be made law.

      But let’s cool down the Nazi language, please. Firing someone is not the same as genocide. Just because something is wrong doesn’t mean it is like Nazi Germany. There are many different kinds of oppression and comparing them is futile.

    2. @nancy: it’s bad, i know, and i fully support the lgbt-cause, but you cannot throw comparsions like that. you’re not getting gassed, you don’t have to work in a camp till you die, you’re not getting experimented on your live body. a lot of ignorants and bigots walk around, not only in the us, but everywhere, but it’s NOT the same as NS. please don’t compare these two different situations, in respect not only for the six million jews slaughtered and their families, but also in respect to all the homosexuals the NS regime has killed as well. :*

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