‘Ex-Gay’ Activist Claims Demons Are Conceived Through Anal Sex

joseph_sciambraNo, you’re not reading a story from the Onion — Joseph Sciambra, a self-proclaimed “ex-gay” man who also claims to be a former gay porn star, alleges in a video released earlier this week that the Devil “loves anal sex.” Why, you may ask, does the Prince of Darkness prefer anal? Well according to Sciambra, it’s because whenever a couple engages in anal sex, a spiritual demon fetus is conceived as a result.

I’m serious. In his video, which you can watch below, Sciambra states that anal sex “[releases] into the world… rare demonic entities, that even in the body could be conceived this devil that could be given birth to anally.”

Note to Sciambra: you go girl. By all means, go right on believing and proclaiming that anal sex causes gay men to give birth to Satan’s spawn from their sphincters. I’ll stick with my belief that you’re a tragically closeted, profoundly self-loathing gay man who’s prone to wildly hysterical religious delusions.

Just a hunch, but something tells me that more people will agree with my belief than with yours.

John Becker

John Becker is an LGBT activist, writer, and blogger who has played a critical part in a number of high-profile victories, including a successful international media campaign that resulted in Apple dropping a “gay cure” iPhone app, and a sting operation in which Becker went undercover with hidden cameras at the clinic co-owned by Marcus and Michele Bachmann and exposed them for offering fraudulent “ex-gay” therapy. Becker has appeared as a guest on major news and political shows including ABC's World News Tonight, Nightline, and Good Morning America; NBC's Today Show; Fox's Alan Colmes Show; MSNBC's Ed Schultz Show and Live with Al Sharpton, and the Associated Press Television Network. He and his work have also been mentioned in notable newspapers including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.

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4 Responses

  1. kris says:

    a few thoughts/notes on the above posted video by ..Joseph Sciambra..

    -body language: expresses discomfort, and discordant thoughts. Unorganized, unrealized, and unbelieved.
    -Textual content: Allowing for video content to have been edited, as it was there is still great leaps of disconnected and unrelated information presented. Even allowing for the possible disassociation between the physical and spiritual aspects of the content he was trying to describe… it still was very disjointed and impressed this viewer with the idea that he was rambling off thoughts in a manner that he cobbled together, in order to make sense of his own life experiences.
    -Factual-ness of content: I as a person, in MY experience and knowledge of things, would have to disagree with much, if not most of what he was trying to present; and specifically the order and connection in which he was trying to present it for persuasion of opinion. (I also suspect this is an ‘old’ video resurfacing once again, to be used as media filler.)

    Overall impression: He is a deeply troubled male, with a traumatic personal history, and limited knowledge of the world around him, who is trying to make sense of things as they happened to him. He may or may not be correct that anal sex ‘creates demons'; but it certainly doesn’t create a manifestation of demons, even in such manner as how he thinks it does. He also needs alot of counselling and therapy, with someone who can see past any prejudices and present some order to his scattered fearful thoughts. Perhaps a Vulcan…


    Logical and logistical extrapolation of data as described in the video:….
    -nature provides nerve tissues in the sphincter muscles so as to tell us when something is going wrong or right with the functions of those same sphincter muscles.
    -nature also does not create all creatures identically. ie: not all women are able to carry a child and birth them without the aide of a c-section. Not all men have 12″ dicks the size of a horse. Not all people are blond haired and blue eyed.
    -therefore by combining and extrapolating these two aspects of physiology,it can be implied that not all penises will fit into every orifice, be they anal, vaginal or oral. So don’t force it you idiot.

    -as to the damage done to his own body, its something that should have been kept aware of before he entered into doing porn. ‘if it hurts… don’t do it’… Cardinal rule number 1! So unless it was non-consensual bdsm activities he was engaged in…. he really hasn’t got a leg to stand on here for including it in his evidences against homosexual intercourse.

    -possible spiritual ramifications of sex via anus: … yes it prevents the conception of a physical fetus, thus propagating the species. Yes, it is just as dangerous and deadly in regards to communicably transmitted sexual diseases and conditions as vaginal and oral sex. Does it conceive a demon? This respondent,cannot answer in the affirmative; but I can tell you that in someone who is not mentally and emotionally prepared or supported prior to, during and after such engaged activities, it can certainly create in the minds of the distraught ‘demons’ of their own manufacture, which they personally will have to deal with. And to them, those demons will be just as real, as any obstacle in life in which they will have to learn to deal with.

    -His assertions that his beliefs are truth… for him, they are His truth…. but that doesn’t make it truth in actuality or reality for the rest of us. Some of us, are more then happy to have anal intercourse, because we are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for the consequences of our actions. Simply because he obviously was not, doesn’t mean, the rest of us aren’t also.

  2. this is preposterous, being gay is a natural phenomenon, partly it is a difference in the brain and it begins before birth. In fact if you want to put a religious slant to it, then it is GOD who makes some people gay, and why do you think that you can over-rule GOD’s creation ?? and please don’t give me the stupidity that it is Leviticus, as you do NOT follow the others scriptural texts from that book, so you do you single out that one sentence out of many others. it is just Bigotry, and it is not a very Christian attitude

  3. Steve says:

    You cant descriminate it just because it doesnt sound logic… until it hapens to you.
    i think there are some points, and the draconian race working with them…

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