American Family Association: Obama Wants To Take Guns Away From Anti-Gay God Fearing Christians

God and Guns

“What if the Attorney General, and listen the reason I say this might happen is  because if you remember the first report put out by the Director of Homeland  Security, Janet Napolitano, when the President became President of the United  States, she put out a paper talking about the people who are the categories of  people who might be homegrown terrorists. In that list she put people who believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ, people who believe in pro-life  issues, people who don’t believe in having illegal aliens here, they put a lot  of good, decent categories of people in that paper. Well here’s what number four says, the Attorney General can put who he wants to on the list of people who are  too dangerous to get guns. What if he decides radio talk show hosts who don’t believe in gay marriage, they’re dangerous, so they shouldn’t get guns? What about pastors who preach against abortion and homosexuality?  They’re too dangerous to get guns?  That could happen.” – American Family Association radio host andf Bruan Fischer loon understudy Buster Wilson

For the life of me I’ll never undertsand why they are so afraid of Obama coming for their guns?

Someone already came for their brains and they didn’t even put up a fight

What do you think?

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