2 thoughts on “American Family Association Idiots: Stonewall Was A Hotel-Full Of Violent Homosexuals

  1. The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was the culmination of a resistance movement against the Tea Act. Stonewall was also an uprising and resistance against a form of tyranny. Each had a common theme. We ain’t gonna take it anymore.

    Buster separates the Tea Party of 1773 or any civil rights struggle from Stonewall. Because, homosexuals in his world, are suppose to take it. They are suppose to be persecuted, stomped, and thrown away like garbage. Nazism is alive and well in America.

  2. An interesting aspect of the AFA is that they have 175 Volunteers, 192 employees and 12 Members. This is so minor that statistically they do not exist. But they do own 200 radio stations in 33 states. I wonder how much of their very minor budget (2011 revenue was less that $18 million) goes to keeping these stations operational? I bet they have very few listeners.

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