WOOF! Hot Model Max Emerson


The holiday season is among us and even though this is a joyous time of year, it can be stressful. So that’s why we look at half naked (or all naked depending on the website) to make the…tension go away. Enter Max Emerson, a 24 year old up and coming international model that simply does not get enough praise. The immaculate face combined with those washboard abs are like the ninth wonder of the world (okay that was a bit over the top but he is HOT)

Emerson seems to have that look of passion and drive to get you out of bed in the morning,,or make you stay in bed all day, either choice seems okay with him. And me.

The playful yet serious look in his eyes makes you almost not notice when he has barely anything on (almost)

Quirky is one of my favorite attributes in a man and Emerson seems to have that approach in each photo. Blending all of these elements of sexy and serious and eccentric all into one. Completely swoonworthy.

But I’m not a huge abs guy. Of course they’re nice to look at so don’t get me wrong there. It’s just another part of the anatomy that draws my attention and it’s DAT ASS (which also has a sweet tattoo)

Whew. This post id making me feel a little dirty. You think Emerson has some ideas on how to get clean?































































What do you think?

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