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WOOF! Fairytale Edition-Jamie Dornan

Why am I just now discovering this immaculate human being? I was talking with a friend over the phone and asked for possible WOOF men to put up today and he said Jamie Dornan. I had no idea who he was and my friend said the sheriff guy on Once Upon A Time. I naively said why is there any hot guys there? What a dumb question to ask. Anyway I discovered these and..I just want him in my bed, okay?!

He seems to have this playful nature and that “so what you caught me being bad, punish me”” kind of eyes…was that too specific? Anyway. his medium build and toned frame just screams come play with me. Sigh.

And he seems to have that presence of knowing that he’s attractive but doesn’t care about it. Does that make sense? It did to me. Also, he has fuck me hair which makes me…well you don’t need to know everything about me!

Those eyes..can you imagine what it would be like to look at him looking at you in bed? Well, here’s an idea.

Mmm. Okay well enough from me so until next time…but before I go, check out DAT ASS (and bulge) one more time.


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