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Where Are We, The LGBTQIA, Today?

Do you ask yourself this question as much as I do? When I truly examine the question, and that means every aspect from all sides. To me, there’s no easy answer that comes to mind because I believe we should be further ahead of where we are. We’re often referred to as the last frontier in our society in obtaining true equality. We fight for equality for love and marriage and against discrimination in our jobs, schools, and even where as well as how we live. We fight against violent crimes because of how and who we love. It seems that we are the only group/community that does not have equal rights.

After all we are, for the most part, the symbol of a movement and the driving mechanism to change. The catalyst to bring our society on a evolutionary precipice and evoke a unified conscious to accept our differences. The generation before us are the pioneers, we are the force of a revolution, and we hope that the future generation is the implementation. We are beginning to see change but we are no where close to where we should be.

So is that even fair to question why we’re in this position? It’s obvious that the motivations from the opposition is what halts us. But is there more than that? Of course it’s fair because for so long we have haven’t been treated equally. Bigots actively demonize who we are and our way of life while trying to condemn us to second class citizenship. But what about what we do that stagnates the movement?

It’s a fair question to ask. Do how we treat each other slow us down. Because often when equal rights becomes a part of the discussion in politics , religion, and the media, we only see the G represntation of that LGBTQIA acronym. We as well as society have gotten better at that in our media and advertisements but still only see a gay, Caucasian male.

Yes race is still an issue in our community whether we are willing to admit it or not. Unfortunately, I see so many of the twisted ethics and lack of morality we criticize in our society seep into our realm and it goes unchecked and flat out ignored. There’s an adaptation of mannerisms, traditions of a culture that often feels like a caricature rather than a celebration of culture.

And, instead of understanding bisexuals that have owned that their sexuality is more inclusive to gender but are openly mocked as being inauthentic or transitioning to the G or the L. Ridiculed because they are not trying to pacify a stigma or take an easy route and sadly relegated to “wanting their cake and eating it too”. And at times it feels that transgendered is forgotten.

We’re not perfect and make mistakes just like everyone else. And that means we cannot be beyond reproach when we are wrong and we do the very same things we openly criticize. With each year, I witness that more and more as a collective, we seem to be more obsessed with image rather than depth. Some of us have become obsessed with vagrant materialism. Vanity is praised above introspection. the body is valued more than the mind and soul of a person. Differences mocked and diffusion of responsibility has run rampant when perfection is unobtainable for anyone.

Accepting onself is already hard enough and examples like this add more unnecessary steps to keep our movement at optimal speed. It’s becausee some become so frustrated with the process. It disheartens those that want to become a part of the solution but become ambivalent because of the process.

I’ve asked all of this before and am likely to repeat the process. I question everything. Maybe I’m not asking if or where we’re at but more of why we where we are today. Because I have discovered that sometimes the question itself is the answer. Of course I’m not ignoring the main reason why we’re here in last place.

Make no mistake, prejudice and bigotry is why we’re still having to fight for equality. That religious zealots use their interpretation of theology to deny us rights. All I’m saying is that we can be moving faster because of how we treat each other. Because there is NO right/wrong way to be LGBTQIA. But there is a right/wrong way we treat and welcome those within the community that are in the same fight.


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