Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Is Running Scared – Ashley Judd Only 4 Points Behind In Early Polls

Kentucky’s self-fillerbusting  GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is running scared after doing some doing some early internal polls which are showing that Actress and advocate Ashley Judd is running  only 4 points behind him even though she has not “officially” announced her intent to run for his senate seat.

Democrats plan to make McConnell their biggest target in 2014 and Judd could energize Democrats in Kentucky and from coast to coast. Largely because she  remains a popular figure with nearly universal name ID.

But already McConnell and his team are preparing a “dossier” of Judd’s  “liberal” social causes in recent years, including her fight for LGBT equality, abortion rights,  AIDS prevention and environmental protection to use against her.

“Judd wouldn’t make it through the starting gate” , the GOP leader’s political team  believes, once her views on coal, abortion and American Health Care Act are known to voters.

But what of Mcconnell’s past?   Should the gloves come off in 2014 his own dismal record can and would be used against him.  Also Mitch McConnell became a multi-millionaire doing the people’s business in  Congress while Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the country. Can you  imagine what he has lurking in his past?

As for Ashley Judd.

“Ashley has yet to decide about running for the United States Senate,” said Cara  Tripicchio, the Judd spokeswoman. “She is honored by the incredible  encouragement from her fellow Kentuckians and the national interest, including  Senator McConnell.”




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