Mission America and Linda Harvey Is SHOCKED About What The Nasty Gays Say About Her


Mission America hate group and its inbred Ohio leader Linda Harvey is shocked, shocked I tells you and oh so upset over the things that gay blogs have been prinint about her.

“Linda Harvey does not believe that homosexuals “don’t exist” or are “not human beings.” Sadly, intentional deception and a smear campaign are in play. (Sigh!)….Somewhere along the line, a twisted version of what we really say, that homosexual desires and behavior are not inborn, is being attributed to our ministry. Before you make that vulgar call,or send that vicious email, please do your homework and double check your source. That has never been the plain meaning of anything we’ve written or said on the radio.

People can believe what they want to, but Mission America believes all people are created in the image of God, and our hope is that people will realize they do have a choice. No one is born homosexual,or bisexual, or “in the wrong sex body.” Those desires may be strong, but they are not permanent, if you don’t want them to be.

We are not the “Klan.” we are not racists, we don’t “hate” homosexuals. We simply object to homosexuality,the behavior, which is unnecessary. And we spend a lot of time on this site pointing out why this is so ( if you care to read and be fair).

Also, we don’t wish for kids who are sadly drawn into homosexual or “transgendered”  behaviors to be bullied!  Another attribution to us that is just a lie. We want all kids to be safe, which is why we are one of the few places telling them the truth about the hope they have. God’s word makes that clear as well as one’s own common sense.

And uninformed speculations about Linda Harvey’s personal life are uncalled for and frankly, fall into the category of ad hominem attacks born out of desperation. She is doing just fine, thank you very much.

But none of us has time to debate with people who just don’t care to read first and get the facts. Propaganda is an enemy to us all, and the truly intelligent person will read something other than shallow, vicious “gay” blogs.

The fact that we have some critics may be a good thing. It may mean those who don’t like the truth are bothered by it and eventually God may use their agitation to open their eyes and bring true salvation into their lives.

This is truly one of the ways God works, which is why telling the truth is still very important. Being comfortable is not always a good thing.

Jesus said, “”If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (John 15:18).

This isn’t to say that Mission America might not make honest and unintentional mistakes. Where that happens, we will revise our articles accordingly.

But what gets really old are the flat out lies, or the twisted thinking, especially from the vicious blogger crowd.

We wish no harm to anyone, we hope all become believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and know the hope and true love that entails. And we welcome civilized, fair debate.

If you have any other polite and specific questions, please send an e-mail–but please listen to our radio shows and read the articles first”

So yes.  Next time that Linda Harvey refers to the It Gets Better video project as “wrong,  evil, and dark” or compares homosexuality to cannibalism, or even tells parents not to use gay doctors because they’ll catch the “gay”.  Write her a nice “polite email”


I’ve kept this to myself for a while now because I was asked to.  But since it was just posted on another blog it’s time to share.

Call Linda Harvey at (614) 442-7998 and tell her that the mean gat at Back2Stonewall.com sent you.

And remember.  PLEASE treat Ms. Harvey with the same dignity and respect as she treats us. (And dial *67 before you call the number.)

2 thoughts on “Mission America and Linda Harvey Is SHOCKED About What The Nasty Gays Say About Her

  1. I have listened to her radio program and read her articles and I can honestly say she is one of the most vile hate filled people I can think of. The fact she tries to use the bible to justify her hate is beyond reproach and true Christians should do something to stop her.

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