Log Cabin Republicans’ Changing Of The Guard; Will They Now Stop Being Counterproductive?


News came today of the infamous Log Cabin Republican leader R. Clarke Cooper has decided to step down with no discernible mention as to why the change is being made. Could it be the result of campaigning for now two republican presidential candidates that failed miserably along with the general decline of the party? Who knows for sure but it was apparent that changes needed to be made within this contentious group.

There are reports that Cooper had already made this decision back in August although there are rumors that his stepping down is a surprise. Cooper also sites the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as the biggest accomplishment of his tenure as leader:

I say that from a personal perspective, from a policy, organizational, institutional perspective, but also externally. I think probably the thing that … really touched me the most in my time at Log Cabin is Bush administration colleagues and Army colleagues being so supportive … and so congratulatory once the repeal succeeded

,It’s one thing to call for change, and it’s another thing to step up. Walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Take a more active role in state and party politics. LCR has an important role as an ancillary group. But more importantly, LGBT Republicans need to take official roles in their state parties. They need to seek roles in the national party, and they need to run for office. That’s where positive change will occur.”

Yes Cooper, saying you want change and being change are two totally different things. And so is working with leaders and politicians that actively work against change yet you still support them. Anyway, though no new leader has been chosen, chairman Gregory T. Angelo of New York will the interim leader and had this to say:

There has never been a more exciting and historic time to be a gay Republican-with the wind at our backs following four referendum victories for the freedom to marry last November and the United States Supreme Court soon to rule on marriage equality, 2013 could mark a turning point in the fight for equal rights for all,

First, I find it hard that they can attempt to take any credit when pretty much every candidate they backed DID NOT SUPPORT EQUAL RIGHTS. Seems kind of pompous and detached from reality. There were many organizations both large and small, that contributed to this election cycle’s victories and even suggesting that they were a direct cause of it is ludicrous.

Again I say that I do believe we can work with some moderate republicans that support and advocate for equal rights. Even though we may differ in opinion on other policies of government, I can work towards that with them. What I cannot and will not support, is when log cabin republicans actively support candidates that actively target and campaign against equal rights. It’s counterproductive. And there is no way in hell that I will support anyone, regardless of political affiliation, that does not hold those values of equality that our nation should be working towards.

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  1. Sly…great post. I’ve never understood LCR or GoProud for that matter. If they said they were all about money and trickledown economics, I could accept that, and find it believable, but, when they endorse anti-gay people and in the same breath, claim to be all for equal rights, that just puts them in the kuku’s nest.
    Have a Happy New Year!

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