Mission America’s Linda Harvey: Happy New Year You Heathen Sexual Deviants!

Straight Jacket

It seems that Mission America hate shrew Linda Harvey took a break from her  “delusional pity party” of wondering “why the gays hate her” long enough to write a piece for The Daily Loon aka Joseph Farrah’s World Net Daily titled” My grown-up New Year’s list” that proves she doesn’t just hate homos.  She hates EVERYONE!

“There’s a Christmas song that always brings a catch to my throat: “The  Grown-up Christmas List” … you know, that “time would heal all hearts, right  would always win, everyone would have a friend, and love would never end.”

So I’ve compiled a grown-up New Year’s list, and my fervent prayer is … for  more grown-ups. [SNIP]

Some of us sigh over the embrace of evil and the smear campaigns against  goodness. What do we do when “right” did not win in November, but we are stuck  with a greatly compromised leader of the free world? He’s not a  straight-shooter, but a man who lacks character, who collaborates with baby-and-man-hating  feminists, (<—- Planned Parenthood)  sexual  deviates, (<— That is us btw. ) Marxists, jihadists – radicals whose legacy has never been  anything but heartbreak, tears, financial ruin, even death. [SNIP]

We do not have an adult in the White House now, however. We have a clever,  weak man in dress-up clothes, propped up by a cardboard media. This man cries at  a press conference over the slaughter of the innocents at their elementary  school, but signs bills forcing you and me to fund the slaughter of children  just a few years younger in Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide. He has even supported  the “right” to snuff out the lives of unborn little girls, unwanted by  boy-biased parents. Or if mom really wanted an abortion and something goes “wrong” and the viable child lives, this isn’t allowed. The “Born Alive Infant  Protection Act” attempted a life-saving remedy, but Obama found himself unable  to support life for these children.

For 2013, I want true civility. I don’t want my Lord and Savior to be  dishonored in even more creatively diabolical ways. Atheist groups are filing  harassment suits right and left to suppress expressions of Christian faith,  evidence that the existence of Almighty God really does bug them. They seem to  leave Muslims alone, despite Islamic support for anti-woman and anti-homosexual  policies. Apparently, atheists are only infuriated by real divine power.

A rapper  records a trash piece with nonsense about Jesus and makes headlines and new  piles of cash. The homosexual crowd has numerous entries in the Christ-bashing  competition, starting with the “Hunky  Jesus” contest out in San Francisco, a blasphemous mockery that defies  description. God have mercy on them. [SNIP}

I would like schools led by mature people who transmit wisdom, not myths.  What is taking place in our schools is a daily tragedy, even before the  slaughter of little children. Our hearts should be torn apart by the schoolroom  lies that spawn callous disregard for God and each other, embedded in lessons  on evolution (“you are just a higher animal”), lessons covering every loony  worldview except Western civilization (“white male racism and patriarchy”) and “anti-bullying” programs that are often hijacked  as vehicles for children to embrace or applaud homosexuality. Some teens now  take sex-change hormones, use the opposite-sex restrooms, and all of this is “progress.”

Where, or where, are any real adults? [SNIP]

So at the top of my list is a request. I ask you, if you happen to be a  grown-up, speak out! Make a difference. Be ready to fight for what’s right. We  can, by this time next year, have a completely different story to tell.

Don’t let the darkness descend on America. Be brave enough, mature enough, to  shine the light of truth in 2013.

In other words, make a Happy New Year! – Crazy as a fucking bedbug Linda Harvey of Mission America

Man someone seriously needs their Thorazine dosage upped.

And remember kids.  “(Mission America and Linda Harvey) wish no harm to anyone, we hope all become believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and know the hope and true love that entails. And we welcome civilized, fair debate.”

So give Linda Harvey a call at (614) 442-7998 and tell her that the mean gay at Back2Stonewall.com sent you.  And remember to show Ms. Linda “Crazy as a fucking friutcake” Harvey with the same dignity and respect as she treats us. (And dial *67 before you call to block your phone number)

What do you think?

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