New Jersey Senator Stephen Sweeney Wants to Ban Ex-Gay Therapy

New Jersey Senator Stephen Sweeney  has become outspoken in recent weeks due to fellow congressmen questioning his stance on LGBT issues such as marriage equality and the infamous “Ex-gay ” therapy that was banned (but now on hold) in California. The democratic senator is seeking to have similar legislation. First, Senator Sweeney gives his thoughts on conversion therapy and why the current push from state lawmakers is paramount:

“You have kids killing themselves because they think there is something is wrong with them,” 

“The supporters of this bill are people who love their children and understand that you can’t make your children something they’re not born to be, You’re born to be what you are. Religious organizations — no one — should be involved in this type of behavior. I have a child who is disabled. And I love my daughter as much as I love my son. Because my daughter’s different, it doesn’t make her less valued. Why some religious groups would make someone feel they’re less valued, less of a person, is really troubling to me.”

Senator Sweeney also elaborated on marriage equality in New Jersey state but does agree the issue shouldn’t be left for the people to decide because it is an inherent right:

“Civil rights is not something that should voted on,” said Sweeney. “I wholehearted disagree with that approach. We’re not in a liberal state. We’re in a moderate state. In California they voted to make marriage equality illegal, in the most liberal state in the country. I understand [Gusciora’s] frustration. But I cannot in good conscience put this up for a ballot vote, see it go down, and then New Jersey is viewed as a conservative state. You know, New Jersey, back in 1915, voted against a woman’s right to vote. Now, people say, ‘We won in the three states [Maryland, Maine and Washington].’ And millions of dollars were spent. And they won. But they lost in 30 states before. I’m not willing to put something on the ballot and allow someone to choose civil rights.

The senator states that being questioned on the progress (or rather lack thereof isn’t political) but what else are the people to deduce? Of course there are produces and due process along with campaigning and a lot mire political jargon. But that doesn’t equate to having a snail’s pace to not have a cleat tactical plan. Senator Sweeney may have the views of equality but as a politician that has the ability to see this injustice thrown out, his actions need to better reflect that position. Just my opinion.

What do you think?

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