INTERNATIONAL: Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Slams Pope Pope Benedict XVI’s Anti-Gay Politics

In a recent interview the Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans wondered how the ex-Hitler Youth and current Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican claim to respect everyone’s uniqueness while simultaneously spreading hatred against gays and lesbians.

Speaking with RTL News Timmermans says:

If every person is unique… then why should that unique person not have the  right to stand up for their own sexual orientation?” said Timmermans. “Why can Romeo marry Julia but not Julius?

Marriage between two people of the same sex is having respect for the uniqueness of the individual.”

Catholicism has decreased significantly in recent decades in the Neatherlands due to the forward thinking of the country and the Roman Catholic pedophile church scandals.

Latest statistics show that roughly only 25% of the country remains Catholic, down from 40% in 1970’s

1 thought on “INTERNATIONAL: Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Slams Pope Pope Benedict XVI’s Anti-Gay Politics

  1. How can an 85 year old Pope lead the youth of the world who change their minds every 15 minutes when he himself cannot change what has become an obvious hatred for gays for more than 30 years. What one learns in youth….one maintains the rest of life. With his future peaceful passing, so too will pass all his writings that spawned hatred of people he couldn’t understand…wouldn’t understand….and made no effort to understand….and now, in fact, is joining with other religious leaders who support the murder of people of people who only seek equality under the law.

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