Holier Than Thou Family Research Council Hate Group Sued For Sexual Harrasment

Well, well, well……..

A former employee is suing the anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council for sexual harassment, citing the sexually suggestive comments of her supervisor.

Moira Gaul worked as director of women’s and reproductive health for the FRC that claims to represent “traditional family values.”  Gaul’s “expertise” is in abstinence-only education. But even in the “socially conservative” organization, the anti-woman sexual rhetoric of her supervisor proved too much for her:

According to court documents first obtained and reported by journalist Evan Gahr, former FRC employee Moira Gaul, 42, filed a complaint in 2009 with the District of Columbia Human Rights Commission in which she accused her supervisor of gender discrimination. She claimed that her boss, the director of the Center for Human Life and Bioethics at the time, referred to the use of birth control pills as “whoring around,” addressed emails to her with the words “hi cutie,” pressured her to attend parties, and referred to her as a “young, attractive woman.”

“His attitude toward me and other women was rude, belittling, and at times, angry,” she wrote in the complaint.

Gaul’s former supervisor and the man charged with the sexual harassment  is prominent anti-abortion lawyer William Saunders, who now works at the anti-abortion group Americans United for Life.

Huffington Post reports that the suit was originally settled back in 2009, FRC fired Gaul shortly after she filed the complaint, citing a loss in federal funding for abstinence — Gaul’s area of expertise — and the need for someone with more experience on abortion issues. Gaul claims the FRC also retroactively canceled her health insurance for the time that she was on short-term disability for systemic lupus.

While the original sexual harassment complaint was settled in July 2009, but Gaul and her attorney, Shannon Stokes, are currently suing the FRC for illegally retaliating against her. The suit claims that Gaul had received excellent reviews and no reprimands at the FRC up until she filed the gender discrimination complaint then the FRC fired her and retroactively canceled her health insurance for the time that she was on short-term disability for systemic lupus.

I’m just gonna reach over here and turn on this Sarcasm sign real quick.

Whaaaaaat? This is unheard of! I’ve never heard of anyone ultra-Christian, ultra-Conservative, or both getting into anything even REMOTELY resembling a sexual harassment scandal.

But honestly, It’s hard to sympathise with anyone who works for these sort of people.  Of course they are going to be misogynistic, dishonest and vindictive.  This is the sharp end of the radical right, where they wear the clothes of God to conceal the darkness in their hearts.  Five minutes in the place and she must have known what sort of people they were.

Lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas baby.. But I do wish you luck in your lawsuit even though I have no pity for you just so you can bankrupt the bastards and take them for all they are worth.


Source:  ThinkProgress

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