FRC’s Tony Perkins: The Selfish Evil Gays Area Attacking The Salvation Army Because “It’s Christian’

The Salvation Army does a lot for America, but don’t expect a ringing endorsement from homosexuals. Hello, I’m Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Gay activists will be putting a little something in the red kettle this year-but it won’t be money. They’re asking people to drop in complaints instead because the Salvation Army has a biblical view of sexuality.

Despite decades of community service, activists say those kettles are pushing an anti-gay agenda. Nothing could be future from the truth says Major George Hood. You don’t have to be straight to get help from the Salvation Army, he explained. Not a single “policy, practice, or program” even asks about sexual orientation. “The very mission of the Salvation Army calls for meeting the needs of humans without discrimination.”

The truth is, homosexuals are only targeting the Salvation Army because it’s Christian. And they’d rather help their agenda than the needy. Do your part to help the Salvation Army-because far too many families are saved by their bells. – Family Research Cpuncl Hate Group President and White Supremecist Tony Perkins defending the Salvation Army for being anti-gay and claimed that the LGBT community is selfish and only targets the organization because it’s Christian.

According to Tony Perkins, Christianity is defined by the amount of hate you have in your heart.

Therefore, Tony Perkins is the biggest Christian of all time.

Happy Holidays Tony ………. and BLOW ME!

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  1. I may have written this before so forgive me. The Salvation Army has their Officer’s Training Facility here in Boystown in Chicago. They inhabit a massive old brick mansion and a number of other buildings on a very large campus. Two blocks to the west is Wrigley Field and two blocks to the east is the lakefront. In my 22 years of living in Chicago I have never seen hide nor hair of one of these people. There is a grocery store across the street. You never see anyone coming or going. I am convinced that they have a long underground tunnel that takes them far from the neighborhood before they see the light of day.

    It is very creepy.

    They never participate in the largest street fair (and gay) in the state in August called Halsted Street Market Days. It runs along side their property. And they are virtually invisible. And of course they never come out for the gay pride parade either. Very strange and bigoted people. Their bell ringers are begging all over the neighborhood but I don’t fault them. I think they just don’t understand. But I understand the ignorance of the Salvation Army. They hate gay people. I am convinced of it. They make no effort to be part of a very large community that they occupy.

  2. Sorry Bob but that’s just your perception. You probably just pass the place when the cadets are in class. I mean it is a college.The Training College has been there since 1920. They also walk out into the neighborhood just like other people but since the women don’t wear bonnets any longer and the uniform is modified you may not notice them right away when you do see them. Also, unlike years ago the Army has evolved with the times and the cadets can now wear civvies when not on duty.

    From the 1920s to the1980s the Cadets marched and did open-air meetings in the neighborhood every Saturday night while in session so back then people noticed them more often but still maintained their misconceptions the same as you do. Traditional open-air meetings are rarely done now because to put it to you simply, due to technological and social changes over the years they aren’t very productive and really haven’t worked very well as an evangelistic tool since the end of WWII! Btw, about two years ago one evening I was walking up Halsted to my car after doing a job in the area(I’m a private duty RN) and I noticed several cadets on the street doing one-on-one evangelism and prayer with people on the street. You were probably otherwise engaged at the time and didn’t notice. Also, I happen to know that the fellow who started the Marin Foundation now lectures at the school in an effort to break down barriers between the cadets (many of whom come from small midwestern towns and are sometimes overwhelmed with what they see and don’t understand when they first come to Boystown!) and the gay community.

    The reason why they don’t participate in Halsted Street Market Days is because like most schools no one is there in August. Each new session starts in September and runs until June. However, since 2000 during Gay Pride in June they have two different tables set up outside the school gates where they pass out cookies and Kool-Aid to hungry and thirsty parade goers and can often be heard giving their visitors a hearty God Bless You! Their uniforms are once again modified to fit in better with the crowd but distinctive with SA insignia. I ought to know since I’m the guy who provides all of the cookies every year! Stop by next June Bob, have some Kool-Aid and cookies and say, “Hello!” They’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about TSA and/or the college.

  3. Sorry to be disrespectful but I don’t buy it. You obviously have a personal connection to these bigots that makes me doubt what you have written.

    I have never ever seen a person walking in and out of theit compound. There is something not right about the Salvation Army at this location and something not right about your claims.

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