Confused, Self-Loathing Author Says We Choose To Be Gay


Sly Merritt has a BA in psychology/sociology. MA in clinical psychology. He's a flip flop wearing hippy with a peaceloving mindset. Even pacifists like him know when it's time to do all we can for LGBTQ equality. Sly's views are all opinions not advice.

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2 Responses

  1. What sets me off is his equation of LGBTs to their sexual acts, and highly stereotyped ones at that. Lopez’s article is nothing more than a cranky polemic, with no more claim to the truth than the comics page in a particularly bad newspaper.

  2. I’ll go read Lopez’s full article after I finish up this comment. You remember that Robert Oscar Lopez made comments on Chronicles of Higher Education on the Mark Regnerus, “Gays Make Bad Parents” articles and Regnerus saw the comments and contacted Lopez. He more or less recruited Lopez to shore him up with Lopez’s anecdotal stories about having a lesbian mother, at times Lopez will say maybe his mother was Bi.

    Anyway Lopez is an attention seeker and was looking for a friend, and Regnerus befriended him. This is where ROL’s anti gay writings are coming from.

    I actually have a file on every single thing Lopez has written on the Internet. He is a deeply troubled man, he has kept moving around to different Universities as his co-workers don’t like him. He said when he was in the army (army reserves?) the only ppl who ever wrote to him was his Baptist Church. He is simply a self loathing gay man who tried to play straight by marrying a woman. He is a sad sad case. FYI- in just a short time Lopez is going to be exposed. Just be patient it is coming.

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