America’s Most Hated Man NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Doubles Down: “Gun Control Will Not Make Kids Safer”

NRA Lunatic Wayne LaPierre

National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre doubled down on his NRA rhetoric Sunday on Meet the Press saying that gun control measures, including an assault weapons ban, woul do absolutely nothing  to prevent mass shootings like the recent elementary school killing in Newtown, Conn

LaPierre called the assault weapons ban being proposed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) a “phony piece of legislation” that is “built on lies.”

“It’s not going to make any kid safer,” he said. “We’ve got to get to the real problems, the real causes, and that’s what the NRA is trying to do.”

LaPierre and the NRA shocked and disgusted many Americans on Friday whe it called for a a of a program that to install police officers and/or armed security at every school in the country, with the idea being that armed, trained security could prevent further carnage. He said he is not bothered by criticism.

“If it’s crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our school to protect our children, then call me crazy,” LaPierre said.

And many across America are.


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