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Where do gay Republicans go after a long day of creating jobs, investing in China and diva-ing out to Carrie Underwood? (Other than crawling back under their rocks, that is) They go to The Log Jam, Chicago’s premiere gay conservative bar.

The Log Jam follows three lonely heart HomoCONS as they search for reasonable, fiscally responsible same-sex romance. Arnold is an unemployed former Blackwater contractor looking for Mr. Hard Right. Betsy is an investment banker/power lesbian hell-bent on getting the GOP to eventually come around to recognizing her choice of lovers. Phil is a powerful CEO with a passion for Family Values at odds with his lust for exotic fetish play. All meet at The Log Jam where their bartender, the radiant Nancy Reagan, serves stiff drinks like the Bloody Mary Cheney and blunt advice on love and life.

I wonder if Episode 2 has to do with faking a hate crime?

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