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Uganda Passes “Kill All Gays” Law And Calls It A “Christmas Gift”

Even after the nostalgia of last weeks election in which four states passed pro-gay laws, comes some sobering and very disturbing news. What can be described as a modern day witch hunt,  the African nation of Uganda is set to officially pass a law that would make homosexuality legally punishable by death.

Speaker of the Ugandan government, Rebecca Kadaga, says that most Ugandans want the law to pass. Speaker Kadaga also disgustingly refers to the new law set to pass in December as a “Christmas Gift”. In what world would this ever be a gift? What a horrible human being.

According to  Gay Star News, there would be two categories of the law, and not that the law disgustingly groups homosexuals with pedophiles:

‘Aggravated homosexuality’ is defined as gay acts committed by parents or authority figures, HIV-positive people, pedophiles and repeat offenders. If convicted, they will face the death penalty.

The ‘offense of homosexuality’ includes same-sex sexual acts or being in a gay relationship, and will be prosecuted by life imprisonment.

As we have discussed here as well as other LGBT sites have found is that groups like Chick Fil A donate to in their pro-family agenda. Will they still support such disgusting behavior?

Many were hoping that the US elections last week would have a positive effect on gay rigthts, not only here but around the world. And though yes I do believe that it could influence government in a good way, we as a community have a long way to go. This is disgusting. And so sad.


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