Tea Party News Network Opens For Election Week – All The Propaganda Thats Unfit To Print

Just in time for election week The Tea Party News Network, which describes itself “the only trusted news source and the antidote to mainstream media bias,” has gone live.

TPNN is not going to be just any other conservative backwater on the Internet,” said Keith Urbahn, who heads the PR firm promoting the site and recently served as chief of staff to former Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

One of the main “contributors” to TPN is Judson Phillips, the Tea Party Nation President Judson  who has warned Tea Party members   that their movement cannot avoid the issue of same-sex marriage, as it threatens to destroy the family, replace freedom with anarchy and “turn marriage into a freak show involving 3 men, 5 women, 2 dogs and a Bengal tiger.”

Now the far left wants to turn marriage into a freak show involving 3 men, 5 women, 2 dogs and a Bengal tiger.

The left’s definition of equality is to allow anyone and anything to marry.

Traditionally marriage has worked well in America for centuries.  It has always been one man and one woman. Those who want to change this bear the burden of showing why this would be good for the nation.

So far they have not.

Given the carnage that the liberals’ policies have created, the idea of redefining marriage into something unrecognizable and equally indefinable should be something that we conservatives must reject and defeat in the political arena and in the court of public opinion.

Liberty and freedom depend on a stable nation, stable government and stable families.  Those who claim they support “equality” do not support liberty.  They support anarchy.

Anarchy and freedom cannot co-exist.

In the end only one can prevail and history is riddle with the graves of those who learned what happened when freedom lost.

TPNN claims to have a “war room of 40-plus volunteers” who will operate out of the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, (BOYCOTT The Venetian!) and has established a partnerships with the Talk Radio Network and radio host Rusty Humphries, who will be co-anchoring their  election night coverage

Welcome to the TPM where you’ll find out who is a secret gay muslim, and also how everyone who is left-handed is a socialist.

Inquisition Inquiring minds want to know!

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