Papa John Caves In! States He Will Honor “Obamacare” And Give Health Insurance To Employees

Will Kohler

Will Kohler is a noted LGBT historian, writer, blogger and owner of A longtime gay activist, Will fought on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic with ACT-UP and continues fighting today for LGBT acceptance and full equality. Will’s work has been referenced in notable media venues as MSNBC and BBC News, The Washington Post, The Advocate, The Daily Beast, Hollywood Reporter, Raw Story, and The Huffington Post

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29 Responses

  1. John Peter says:

    You’re right. This is certainly good news if true, and at least a move in the right direction.
    However I believe those walls are ivy-covered, not ivory.

  2. Cpeterka says:

    The proof will be in the pizza. We’ll watch and see how it turns out. He’s probably got his lawyers looking for loopholes even today.
    Wait and see….

  3. Scott P. says:

    I am not planning on eating at Papa Johns again for some time until I see how it all plays out. This could all be a smoke and mirrors act and he still may not offer employees insurance.

  4. J Roby says:

    It’s too late. Won’t tolerate insensitive and elitist behavior by rich f%cks. Papa Johns is dead to me now.

  5. Shawn M says:

    Living in both Philadelphia and Chicago, I have only once eaten from Papa John’s and that 1 time was because it was provided free by my work place. I have never had the need or urge to purchase from them when there are so many more options from mom and pop local businesses who don’t get into politics.

    Unless you live under a rock in the middle of nowhere, you have no need to purchase from them, regardless of politics.

  6. TB says:

    Seems like just a more “sensitively” worded statement of his original position. I suspect he’s still on the same plan he had before. There is no mention of what percentage of people at his stores will qualify for the health insurance. I’m guessing just management.

  7. Stovicek says:

    You understand that regardless of his political opinions, he has no choice but to follow the letter of the law as it stands if he wishes to continuing doing business in the US. It’s not a choice. He’s obligated whether he wants to or not. The question that remains is how does that obligation affect his current and future employees. He will undoubtedly have to make decisions that will negatively impact a certain percentage of them as he does whatever he can to maintain the company’s bottom line. It is, after all, a publicly traded company. His investors will expect nothing less.

  8. There are too many small pizza joints that are locally owned and have better pizza (that isn’t ‘mass produced’) to bother with Papa Johns, or Dominoes for that matter. The problem is if too many people feel the way I do these companies may feel the pinch in their profits and decide to do layoffs rather than take the cut to their personal coffers…

  9. Anthony says:

    Instead of giving employees the choice to spend their money on whatever health insurance they want, most likely, they will give them health insurance and cut their pay. That’s what socialism does for you. I could be wrong, but that is what I forsee in the end.

  10. Tyrone says:

    Does anyone notice how carefully worded this is? This measure will only affect corporate employees and the stores actually owned by the corporation. This does not seem to apply to independently owned Papa John’s stores.

  11. Mike says:

    I hope all of the asshats condemning him will someday own a business as successful as his. At that point, you’ll suddenly realize how unfair this situation really is and how evil government can be.

    Sadly, it’s unlikely any of you will achieve any great success of this sort, because it’s difficult to work hard with your hands stretched out for handouts.

    • Will Kohler says:

      Yeah because GOD FORBID you treat your employees with dignity, respect and care about them. This is America. Come in, work and I don’t give a fuck if you are sick dying just do your job.

    • Strobe says:

      When you can give away 2 million pizzas for free but can’t be bothered to give healthcare to your employees you just expose yourself for the douche you are.

      The 2 million pizzas will cost more than the health care if he paid for it. I’m tired of hearing the bleating of the rich because they are forced to not fuck their own employees quite as hard as they’d like. And in the end he’ll still be a multi-millionaire and his business will be successful and making money. F this guy and anyone who feels sorry for him.

      • tyrone says:

        1 -health care for 16 000 employes is going to far exceed the retail value of 2 million pizzas.

        2 – What small mom&pop pizza shop provides health insurance for its employees?

        3 – Forcing small businesses to provide health care for their employees will result in either less employees or less small businesses. The guy that owns a pizza place and hires one or two people to help fill and deliver the orders is not going to be able to pay a”liveable” wage and insurance to employees without charging $25 a pie. At $25 a pie, he will lose customers (many many) and soon be out of business.

    • Tugger says:

      …yeah, it’s so unfair!
      While we’re about it why don’t we protest about universal education. Wasting millions of taxpayers money on free education for poor people. It’s a rip off. All that cash could be spent another couple of productive incursions into middle-east countries.

  12. Fred Smith says:

    Too late. That ship has sailed. I will never buy a Papa Johns pizza again. There are much better options for the same price anyways.

  13. Ralph Nordic says:

    How about continuing the boycott, considering Papa John’s pizza sucks

  14. Chris says:

    Hey .. its FOOD ..

    Seriously .. Paps johns should use this as a way to make your pizza’s premium.

    Provide GREAT HEALTH CARE .. and provide great sick leave benefits( Unlimited if documented by drs note ).

    And ADVERTISE this fact ..

    They are making my food .. I might be willing to pay a bit more , knowing that the folks cooking and touching my food are all in good health.

  15. You are way too late. I already stopped buying my sunday dinners from Papa (Which has been my familys sunday dinner for the past few years).

  16. rob says:

    He makes some of the worst ‘pizza’ I’ve ever had. I live in the middle of nowhere Texas and there are 4 better locally owned real pizza places in driving distance. There’s no reason to buy Papa’s trash.

  17. Fuck this guy even more now! What a pussy, if you are going to be an asshole then be an asshole!

  18. Jim says:

    What sort of business person allows their public communication to be so scrambled. Is there a communication manager in this company!

  19. Leo Ham says:

    Schnatter is one those people, like Trump, that won’t shut up as long as people pay attention to them.

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