NAMING NAMES – NOM Raised 4.7 Million Dollars From Just 2 Donors – Who Are They?

Well, its nice to see that the Human Rights Campaign be proactive about something.  And that was the case this week as folk from the HRC marched from their 8 million dollar office building in Washington, D.C. over to the National Organization for Marriage’s offices and demanded their now-publicly due 2011 financial filings.

It turns out that NOM raised 6.2 million dollars in 2011, a significant drop from the $9.1 million it raised in 2010.  But SURPRISE!  It turns out that 75% of that 6.2 mil came from just two undisclosed donors which of course NOM is fighting tooth and nail to stop any information about these donors from getting out

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) saw a steep decline in the amount of money it raised in 2011 – dropping to $6.2 million from the $9.1 million it raised the previous year. Just two donors were responsible for funding 75 percent of the anti-gay group – the organization reported two donations of approximately $2.4 million each. In addition to illustrating that more than $4.7 million of NOM’s total $6.2 million reported came from just two mysterious mega-donors, the documents also reveal some interesting information about NOM’s closest affiliates. For example, NOM paid $870,000 to CC Advertising – a group HRC recently filed an FCC complaint against for spamming unsuspecting cell phone users with anti-gay, anti-Obama text messages. The organization also paid nearly $375,000 to Frank Schubert, their ad guru who makes his living largely off of promoting anti-LGBT propaganda.

So now that we know that NOM really isn’t a grassroots organization or a crowd driven social movement organization at all and has utterly failed to build a donor base.

But while the HRC bemoans who NOM paid out money to.  I’m more interested in exactly WHO the two multimillionaire backers are who are solely behind their hateful anti-gay agenda

So lets name some names shall we and throw em out there and see if any of them strike a nerve.

Best bets are that the financial engine behind the anti-equality movement is almost certainly backed by Sean Fieler chairman of the American Principles Project and board member of the Witherspoon Institute, the Institute for American Values, and the Dominican Foundation  and proud NOM supporter.  The other, I’d surmise, is Howard Ahmanson, Jr.   a multimillionaire backer of many right-wing nutjob “Christian”conservative cultural, religious and political causes.  My other guesses would be Elsa Prince, Dick DeVos, or John Templeton, Jr. but Im pretty sure that when the donors names are finally disclosed or found out that its going to be Fieler and Ahmanson.

But then again it could be The Catholic Church or the Mormon Church.  Or maybe Satan!  Wait that’s the same thing.

And in case anyone was wondering.  Brian Brown gets paid $230,000 a year and Maggie Gallagher $170,000.00.

Thats a lot of Chik-fil-hAte sandwichs!

What do you think?

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