Music Siren Kylie Minogue Addresses Her Gay Fans

With a career spanning over two decades, sexy siren Kylie Minogue continues forward with new, innovative music that is loved world wide. And Minogue reflects upon her music journey in an interview where she expresses how very appreciative of her fans, and thinks about how she wouldn’t have gotten to where she is now in her career without them. Minogue does often wonder how she gained such a huge gay fanbase:

That’s really hard for me to think of a specific story, but in general, I do hear that kind of thing. The biggest question is: How did I end up in this position? My gay audience just decided. It was like, “You’re ours. We’re adopting you.” And I thought it was brilliant. But it wasn’t like I was marketed to the pink pound or anything like that – that didn’t even really exist back then, actually.

So yeah, I do hear lots of stories about people feeling some kind of support and loving what I do. I don’t have the answer and I’m asked all the time, “Why do you have such a gay following?” “Why are you a gay icon?” I almost don’t want to know the answer, because it was so organic the way it happened.

I try to keep everyone in mind, because I don’t want to go too far and I don’t want to go “not” far enough. It’s just a case of balance. Like, I wouldn’t go on a tour that’s got a routine like we had for “Slow” on the Showgirl tour. You wouldn’t want that for two hours. I don’t even think my gay audience would want that for two hours.

Hear more about Minogue, her upcoming music, gay boyfriends, and more here.


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