Hate Group Leaders Ride The Whambulance – Perkins, Lively, and Staver: America is DOOMED!

The wailing and the gnashing of teeth of some of the most hideous GOP backed hate group leaders in America is taking place as they are sensing their doomed future they are releasing a flurry of whining, whanbulance style statements after America basically told them to fuck off after the 2012 Elections.

Hate group leader Scott Lively who has claimed that homosexuals were part of Hitlers brutal SS and who traveled to Uganda and promote the Kill Gays Bill there and has been been charged with murder

It’s official, the 2012 presidential election is over and we Americans decided not to downshift into Republican. Instead its now full speed ahead toward the progressive’s Godless Utopian fantasy (aka “the cliff”) with Mr. Obama and the Evil Party. The good news is that we can all stop pretending that Mitt Romney is a conservative. The bad news is that the Stupid Party will, of course, interpret their loss as a sign they were too conservative and move further to the left. The better or worse news (depending on your theology) is that the age of apostasy is more clearly upon us, which means that the return of Christ is drawing near.”

Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver who’s hate group is currently being investigated for its role in the kidnapping of poor 10 year old Isabella Miller from her lesbian mother.

“The event we have just witnessed was far more than a general election – it was a referendum on the soul of America.  We grieve today like we have lost a friend or a close relative. Millions of Americans looked evil in the eye and adopted it. Some Christian observers called the Democratic Party platform for 2012 a ‘Romans 1 Platform,’ and they were right. Abortion, same-sex marriage, and immorality carried the day. The great values on which America was founded were set aside because of selfishness unbalanced by biblical truth and commitment to Jesus Christ.  Race and ethnicity overrode values. The America we love is sick and needs renewal and healing. The world hated Jesus, and it is no surprise the world hates the followers of Christ.”

And last but not least we have Tony Perkins, the White Supremacist and KKK linked president of the heavily GOP backed Family Research Council who has recently called out for civil disobedience against the immoral gays.

“This was supposed to be the morning when Americans got up and shook off the nightmare of the last four years. Instead, they awakened to a new one: a profound drubbing of the Republican Party that is supposed to be the guardian of the conservative vision our nation so desperately needs. On every level–presidential, congressional, social–it was a bruising day for our movement that no amount of spin can improve. Americans had a choice, and they made it. Is the outcome what we want? Obviously not. Among the more demoralizing losses yesterday were the outcomes in Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, and Maine, where natural marriage lost for the first time in America by popular vote. It was a significant moment for the radical Left, which was helped to victory by the most pro-gay President in American history. While homosexuals may be celebrating an end to our movement’s perfect record, they still have a long way to go to match the 32 states where Americans voted overwhelmingly to protect the union of a man and woman.”

Isn’t it peculiar how the return of Jesus always hinges upon what goes on in the USA, rather than any other country in the world?  And they like to try to portray us gays as being the drama queens…

Evil charlatans, grifters, and psychos the lot of them and its about time that are run out of business and out-of-town on a rail.

So a murderer, a kidnapper, and a Klansman walk into a bar……..


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