It’s Founder Of Back2Stonewall, Will Kohler’s Birthday!!! Let’s Celebrate With Some Gingers! WOOF!



So today is our faithful leader’, the founder, owner and senior editor of Back2Stonewall, Will’s birthday!!! So I thought, other than giving him the full day off that we would celebrate this glorious day by doing what Will (and I) love to do most, and that’s looking at HOT GINGER MEN!!! Now even though I don’t post complete nudity, I am going to get as close as humanly possible all the while not faint from all this gingerman hotness! We love all that you do here Will, so take a look at all of these beautiful, mouthwatering GINGERS!!! (I hope we have enough bandwidth)

How about this ginger, Will? Do you think you’d have a fun time with him? This tatted ginger seems like he’d be up for anything..

Not convinced yet? Well, keep looking!!! He has such a peaceful disposition, doesn’t he? I’m sure some attention from you Will would go a LONG way












Had enough yet? Well, we’re just getting started. Maybe you prefer something with a little more meat on his..bones? Well take a look at him!

He’s right there, waiting for you to tell him what to do next Will. But maybe this guy will suit your needs today better….

Those deep dark eyes and beautiful ginger scruff are swoon-worthy enough. Add incredible pecs and rock hard arms just make you want to do..things. Personally I love the long ginger hair on him but if you don’t you might find these interesting:

Or this one..

Still haven’t had enough? (damn you’re greedy) Okay, Okay, I’ll keep showing them. And Will put your tongue back in your mouth, or at the very least put it to some good use!

This solid all muscle ginger looks like he’s eager to please. Furthermore..well there is nothing else to say other than HOT DAMN! Here’s more. Remember him from the other day? Well he just wants to say hello again!

And who are we to refuse such a beautiful ginger Adonis? I think he’s ready to rock you Will. Can you oblige his request?

Whatever you do today Will, I sincerely hope you enjoy it. So make sure you live it up today because the rest of the Back2Stonewall crew has you covered. We love ya buddy. Now go shake that fantastic ass of yours and go get some!




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