Donald Trump Fires Back at “Dump Trump” Petition, CHER Fires Back at Trump and Macy’s!

Oh the deliciousness that Donald Trump is finally feeling the heat over his “birther teatard” insanity over the past two years.

Yesterday we reported that over a half a million people have signed a petition aimed at Macy’s to “Dump Trump” and his outsourced manufactured clothing line.

Well Trump and his spokesman is feeling the heat and are  firing back at the petition’s creator:

“What I find incredulous is that the creator of the petition is protecting his First Amendment right to free speech while simultaneously trying to impede upon Mr. Trump’s,” Michael Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Trump, told Celebuzz. “It’s ironic.”
“I question the legitimacy and accuracy of the website and the number of signatures claimed to have joined this petition,” he added. “Regardless, The Trump Organization values its longstanding relationship with Macy’s and looks forward to many more years of continued success.”

And then the one and only CHER  entered the fray:

“I’ll NEVER GO TO MACY’S AGAIN!  I didn’t know they sold Donald Trump’s Line! If they don’t care that they sell products from a LOUDMOUTH RACIST CRETIN, WHO’D LIE LIKE “HIS RUG” TO GET SOME CHEAP PRESS!  I CANT BELIEVE MACY’S THINKS HE’S THE RIGHT “MAN” 2  REPRESENT THEIR NAME!”

Poor Donald Trump’s freedom of speech suppressed. I mean really, when do we ever get to hear from him?

What I find incredible is that Donald Trump is supposedly so wealthy hires a spokesman who doesn’t know the difference between “incredulous” and “incredible”. Not surprising that one idiot hires another.

WATCH David Latterman point out that Trumps clothing line is made in Bangladesh and China and NOT in the USA.

What do you think?

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