BUSTED! – Electronic Voting Machines Videotaped Changing Obama Votes To Mitt Romney!

David Packman of The David Packman Show has posted this Special Report that shows that only after a few hours of the polls being open some touch-screen voting machines are already being caught altering votes from President Obama to Mitt Romney.


If you see ANY problems or irregularities at your polling place call the Civil Rights Division of The Dept of Justice toll-free at (800) 253-3931 and tell the polling official.

If the polling official does not take immediate action call your local police immediately.

12 thoughts on “BUSTED! – Electronic Voting Machines Videotaped Changing Obama Votes To Mitt Romney!

  1. Good Job reporting with Video Evidence. The programming concept in this video evidence is.. computer virus pre-planted in one of the hardwares (ie CRT near motherboard or even peripherals like a keyboard. The Virus Program would target one Push event (ie Democrat or Barack Obama) & visually redirect to Republican or Romney. The key is that the program must be tiny & simple & well hidden. But, it’s no accident it’s an intended SYNTAX.

    1. It doesn’t have to be that sophisticated. An “errant” coordinate or two in programming the area (shape) of the buttons would suffice.

  2. Slow the video or manually start and stop it. It’s a fake. The finger does NOT contact the surface. Awareness is obviously a good thing, but Breitbart video techniques are NOT.

  3. I’m from the Narberth area in PA and luckily I didn’t have a single issue with the machines. The machines in my area had the display by columns so it showed the republican side listed in one, the democratic listed in the next, and so on.

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