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A gay themed Guiness Ale television commercial that was shot in 1995 and never saw the light of day after it was created due to a “massive  negative backlash,” according to Adweek is resurfacing once again and might be put back into circulation thanks to the recent wins for gay marriage in the United States and across the globe.

Artfully shot in black and white the ad features the song “Stand By Your Man” and shows the classic unspoken  domestic civil war between a couple in which one partner is messy and the other is a neatnik.


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  1. Lorne Wyatt says:

    LOVE this ad, it’s a shame Guniess didn’t air it. Tammy Wynette was “kind of” a friend. I knew her, loved her, and know she would have supported this ad. –Of course, beyond that…the ad tells the world the true side of life. -We are all different; but when it comes to good taste, we share it. –Guiness is good beer, great taste. –Relationships are difficult, and yes, in good taste, regardless of your sexual orientation.
    So….never say never. GUINESS, run the ad now !

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