MA – Don’t Buy The Gay Inc Hype! – Back2Stonewall Endorses John Tierney (D) Over Gay GOP Richard Tisei

About a month ago we did a story about the The Victory Fund a LGBT political action committee  which has joined in with the chorus of Gay Inc. organizations that are embracing “gay republicans” and are endorsing gay GOP Richard Tiesi just because HE IS GAY over heterosexual incumbent (and straight) Democrat John Tierney who has a 100% Pro-Gay voting record and is ranked the 8th most Progressive member in Congress in a closely watched Massachusetts House of Representatives race.

In a recent ABC news story in which they called Tiesi a  “rising openly gay Republican star” they state that he’s the best chance that the  Republican Party have to pick up another seat from Democrats and that Tisei would become the first openly gay Republican member of Congress.

Tisei relied to this that  “I feel like yeah I’m probably— I might be the catalyst because I’d be one of the first people to break through and I embrace that,” Tisei told ABC News. “I’m not afraid of being myself.”

What Richard Tisei doesn’t tell you is that when he was deeply in closet up untill 2010 voting a GOP anti-gay record in Massachusetts and only came out publicly after it seemed that he would be outed by others of he did not.

•  Tisei voted against final passage of the bill to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. (H. 5427. Roll Call #483 on 10/23/89)

•  Tisei voted to prohibit the Department of Social Services from placing children in its care with gay or lesbian foster parents. (Massachusetts State House Roll Call Vote #94, 5/17/90)

•  Tisei voted against a bill to make it unlawful to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in employment, housing, public accommodation, and insurance in Massachusetts. (HR 3123 and Roll Call #701 on 9/23/85)

The battle for the Massachusetts House Seat might very well determine who holds the Speakership, rabidly anti-gay John Boehner (if Tisei wins) or  LGBT friendly Nancy Pelosi (if Tierney is reelected).

It is absolutely shocking and absurd for the Victory Fund in 2012 to support someone just because they are gay and not because of the issues at hand. You do not turn your back on a well proven progressive friend to the LGBT community for a gay Republican who has voted anti-LGBT in the past and expect him as a freshman representative to stand up to the entire Republican party.

If a person supports a party with a platform like the Republicans, a platform includes anti-women, anti-gay and anti-minority planks even if they are “gay” they shouldn’t be supported with “gay money” and should not be endorsed by any self-respecting LGBT group.. ENDORSES Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney (D) for Massachusetts House Representative and calls on others to in the LGBT community to also despite the Victory Funds endorsement of Richard Tisei

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  1. Glad you are writing about this outrage. I will no longer give money to the Victory Fund if they continue to support opponents of someone like Tierney, who has one of the very best pro-gay voting records in Congress.

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