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Alabama Law Prevents Lesbian Mother From Adopting Her Partner’s Son

During a recent webisode of Huffpostlive, an Alabama citizen, Cari Searcy, discussed how she was unable to adopt her partner’s son due to the lack of adequate laws that include lgbt couples:

“Either a single person or a married couple can adopt a child in the state of Alabama. Since we weren’t legally married, that didn’t give me any option.”

“It is kind of frustrating to get that question. Kim and I both were raised in the south. We’re originally from Texas, small towns in Texas. And we moved here to Mobile about eleven years ago. Other than the legal ramifications, we have a wonderful life. We’ve got a great house. We both have great careers and family and friends around us. This is our home. We shouldn’t have to move because people don’t understand our family.”

By adopting Searcy would be able to give directions to school administration and hospital personnel if her partner was unable to be there as well as give her custody rights in the event of her partner’s death or their legal separation. Hopefully the case will be heard in a higher court of law that will have the decision overturned. For more discussion into the story, watch it here.


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